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Beyoncé, welcome to Rock in Rio

03.02.2013 4 YEARS AGO

Beyoncé, welcome to Rock in Rio

The most voted in a poll conducted by Rock in Rio, the singer will be the main attraction in the festival’s opening night


Beyoncé will be in the 2013 Rock in Rio. She goes on the Mundo stage on September 13th after having her name as one of the most voted in a poll conducted by the festival.

The American singer Beyoncé, considered the world’s top pop attraction, announced early in the morning of Monday, the 4th, after a flawless performance at the 2013 Super Bowl – the NFL finals – her concert in Rock in Rio, as part of the “The Mrs. Carter Show – World Tour” — starting in Europe on April 15th.

The statement from the artist was simultaneous to the one released by the festival organization. The singer, one of the most voted in a poll conducted by Rock in Rio, will go on the Mundo stage on September 13th. Her last concert in Brazil was performed in 2010, when she did five dates from the “I Am… Tour”, in Florianópolis, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

It was also with this tour that she reached the number one in the Billboard Hot Tours parade. The “I Am… Tour” moved more than 1.1 million fans. A total of 100 concerts were performed in 32 countries and six continents.

Beyoncé is on the list of top 100 artists of all times, and is ranked in fourth among the best artists of the 2000s. At the 2010 Grammy Awards de 2010, she became the most awarded female artist in a single edition by winning in six of the ten categories she was nominated for. Beyoncé has a total of 16 Grammys, 13 of them in her solo career and three with her R&B group Destiny’s Child, and is one of the top-winning artists in this award. She achieved record sales – over 75 million albums worldwide, which goes to 100 million if you add the sales from the group that launched her career.

Since she was little, Beyoncé is in the music industry. Raised in Texas by her manager/music executive father and her costume designer and hairstylist mother, she started singing as a child. In 1997, when she was 16, she started her career as lead singer to the female R&B group Destiny’s Child, which sold over 50 million albums worldwide, and became famous.

Parallel to Destiny’s Child, she launched her solo career in 2003, with the album Dangerously in Love, reaching the top of the charts. In the following year, she was awarded with five Grammys. In 2005, the group split and Beyoncé continued with her solo career. The following albums, B-day (2006) and I Am… Sasha Fierce (2008), were great commercial success, and the latter went diamond. Her latest album was released last year. With the title 4, it was the first where she worked without her father, Matthew Knowles, as her manager.

In 2009, she was considered by Forbes magazine the richest artist in the world under30. In 2011, the same magazine chose her as the most powerful African-American woman in the USA.

Currently, Beyoncé has 16 Grammy awards. She was voted by Billboard one of the best singers, and is also featured on rankings from radio stations as one of the best singer in the 2000s.

About “The Mrs. Carter Show – World Tour”

“The Mrs. Carter Show – World Tour” promises to be Beyoncé’s most ambitious endeavor, exceeding all concerts performed by her. Scheduled for lasting nearly one year, the second leg of the tour will include Latin America, Australia and Asia. However, the tour will go first to Europe, where Beyoncé will perform in 20 cities, and North America, where she will perform in over 20 cities.

After her historical performance at the XLVII Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Beyoncé is officially returning to a full touring schedule, the first since the I AM … WORLD TOUR, in 2009, with a daring project and last-generation production.

Are you ready for the show? Then don’t forget: the ticket sales start in April. Stay tuned to the festival’s official channels to learn how to guarantee your presence in Rock in Rio!

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