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Formed in 2010 in Cologne, the German duo Andhim took no more than a few months to appear in the most important European magazines specialized in electronic music. Energetic, creative and fun, Simon Haehnel and Tobias Müller are responsible for the birth of their own subgenre named "Super House" - an acid sound, influenced by jazz and rock, which led them to the line up of the largest festivals dedicated to the style in Asia and Europe.

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Andhim’s rise was meteoric. It took the duo Andhim no more than a few months from the Bavarian sausages contest, where they met in 2010, to the largest stages in Asia and Europe.
Simon Haehnel and Tobias Müller created a whole new subgenre, called "Super House".
It has been only a seven-year career, but the duo has released 24 albums.