10|04 • Palco Sunset

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Among thrash metal pioneer bands, Anthrax has a special energy and story that has several phases. Without fear of risking new sonorities, the band not only shaped thrash metal in the 80s, but also flirted with rap and other genres without losing their essence. Scott Ian's extremely heavy riffs mark the sound of Anthrax, and the charisma of vocalist Joey Belladona make the band's show an unique experience in the metal world. On October 4th, be prepared to be caught in a mosh!

Why you should go

Big Four
Anthrax, along with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth were part of The Big Four, tour that motivated the band to record their last album, "For All Kings”.
Rap metal
In 1987, they were the first band to bring elements of rap to metal in "I'm the Man". In 1991, they partnered with Public Enemy on "Bring the Noise.”
With more than 10 million albums sold, Anthrax has released hits like "Caught in a Mosh," "Antisocial" and "I am the Law”, all true metal classics.