Bon Jovi

09|22 12:25 AM • Palco Mundo

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A 34-year-old rock band, with 19 recorded albums and more than 130 million copies sold could not be left out of a casting that promises to mark the history of Rock in Rio. Bon Jovi will be at World Stage On Friday, September 22, playing their big hits, as well as songs from the newest album "THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE". Come soon, 2017! We`re half way there!

Why you should go

“Bad Medicine”, “Livin on a Prayer” e “I’ll be There For You” are some of the singer's hits that have topped the Billboard charts.
More than 130 million albums sold.
Jon was voted by “People” magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 1996; as the sexiest rock star in 2000; and one of the 100 most attractive men in 2007.