Capital Inicial

10|03 • Palco Mundo

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With more than 30 years of career, Capital Inicial has established itself as one of the biggest bands in Brazilian rock history and one of the most beloved of Rock In Rio's public. The band maintains almost totally original form, with Dinho Ouro Preto (vocals), Flávio Lemos (bass), Fe Lemos (drums) and Yves Passarell (guitar), which arrived in 2002. Support is made by Robledo Silva (keyboard and guitars) and Fabiano Carelli (guitar and guitar). On October 3rd, the whole City of Rock will sing great classics like "Primeiros Erros", "À Sua Maneira" and the new hits from Capital Inicial!

Why you should go

Capital Inicial already has 14 studio albums released, 5 live recordings and an album released in 2018, track by track, in the digital environment.
In 2017, Capital Inicial made a historic performance at Rock in Rio, when the whole City of Rock sang together a setlist specially made for the festival.
The band is already a veteran in Rock in Rio, with performances in 1991, 2001, 2011, 2013, 2014 (Lisbon) and 2017 editions. Please come soon October 3, 2019!