09|17 11:00 PM • Eletronica

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The brothers Lucas & Hugo Sanches established on the international scene in 2014, after signing contracts with major labels such as Armada and Kittball, among others. In the "spotlight" of the new electronic scene, the duo is a sure name in the largest festivals dedicated to the style, both in Brazil and abroad. Their performances have been seen in Germany, England, Holland, Spain, France, Croatia, signing the Chemical Surf as one of the hottest names in the genre at the time.

Why you should go

Launched last year, the track "Walking Back" reached the tenth spot in Beatport’s Top 100, the largest electronic world music platform.
Last summer’s sensation, the Chemical Surf came to perform at the legendary Suicide Circus club in Berlin.
In 2016, they won the award for "DJ Revelation" at the 5th Rio Music Conference Award.