Ego Kill Talent

09|24 03:05 PM • Sunset

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The newly formed band from São Paulo Ego Kill Talent has experienced musicians coming from great bands like Sepultura and Reação em Cadeia and is emerging on the international scene. Its heavy rock, nearly heavy metal, is loaded with a high quality modern sound. Relying on the recognition and support from big names like Andreas Kisser and Dinho Ouro Preto, the will play on September 24, when Sepultura closes the night at the Sunset Stage.

Why you should go

Current members have been in bands like Diesel / Udora, Sepultura, Reação em Cadeia Pulldown and Sayowa.
Formed in 2014, they released their first album this year, the self-titled Ego Kill Talent.
The Ego boys will be opening the day that is considered the most Metal at the Sunset Stage! \m/