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For 15 years moving clues in this and other galaxies, Eli Iwasa is a complete DJ. Her keen sense leads her not only to understand her audience but also to a constant and refined musical renewal with her astral time. She is current but without ever abandoning her references. Get ready for that unique experience on the stage of New Dance Order on Sept. 27 in Rock CityCity of Rock

Why you should go

An entrepreneur who is a partner at Club 88, in Campinas, Eli is curator of her radio program and creator of the band Bleeping Sauce.
Women like Patti Smith, Siouxsie Sioux and PJ Harvey are inspirations to the artist because they have unusual talent and great sensitivity. They are still great examples of what it is to be artist and woman, without giving up integrity, over many years of career.
Laurent Garnier and DJ Mau Mau inspire Eli, as they bring together qualities they believe make an artist special: the ability to present a rich musical baggage, strolling through different styles, always with a coherence and unique ability to read the track, creating several atmospheres along a set