09|16 10:35 PM • Palco Mundo

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Winner of 8 Grammy Awards, having sold more than 56 million albums and considered the “Woman of the Year” by the Blender magazine, Fergie will be crushing hearts at the Rock in Rio 2017. On September 16, the singer of the super-hits "My Humps", "London Bridge" and "Big Girls Don't Cry” goes up on the stage at the World Stage right before Maroon 5. Besides these 8 Grammy Awards, Fergie also collects 9 victories at the American Music Awards. A compelling “fergalicious” performance.

Why you should go

On December 2007, she was elected “Woman of the Year” by the Blender magazine and won the Best Pop/Rock Female artist at the American Music Awards.
3 singles from the album “The Dutchess” reached #1 at the Billboard Hot 100, so, since the year 2000, Fergie is the only woman with three #1 hits from a single album to reach the top of the list.
Words by Fergie herself: “I’ve played in some festivals and Rock in Rio is my favorite. I love Rock in Rio.”