10|04 • Palco Mundo

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One of the biggest names in melodic speed metal in the world in Rock in Rio 2019. Helloween is a band that has revolutionized the metal with its remarkable choruses and fantastic riffs. On the current PUMPKINS UNITED tour, fans witnessed something they have always dreamed of: Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen joined Weikath and Grosskopf to play great classics of the band. It will be amazing to see Kiske and Deris on vocals, Weikath, Hansen and Sascha on guitars, Grosskopf and Dani on bass and drums, all together on the Main Stage, on Metal Day! There will be magic in the air, in The City of Rock.

Why you should go

Helloween manages to collect an incredible number of hits. "I Want Out", "Dr. Stein", "Future World", "Power" and "If I Could Fly" are some of them.
The dream came true: Michi, Kai, Weiki and Markus together again, on the Main Stage!
There are 30 years of metal, 8 million albums sold, 14 gold records and 6 platinum albums. The City of Rock will witness a true heavy metal performance.