Ivete Sangalo

09|29 • Palco Mundo

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With more than 25 years of career, one of the most outstanding voices of Brazilian music returns with her super contagious energy to the Main Stage of Rock in Rio. Ivete Sangalo, with hers internationally recognized career, has already appeared alongside names like Shakira, Stevie Wonder, Laura Pausini and Dave Matthews. Her collection of awards and hits, along with more than 55 million followers on social networks, are a reflection of her joy and talent that make her one of the most outstanding celebrities in Brazil. Ivete recently launched the Live Experience project, recorded at Allianz, in São Paulo. The project reunited some unpublished songs, career successes, some special appearances and had sold out tickets. On September 29th, it will raise a lot of dust in City of Rock!

Why you should go

Ivete is the record holder of presentations at Rock in Rio. She has been in the 9 editions of Lisbon, besides 4 Brazilian editions, and in the festivals of Las Vegas (2015) and Madrid (2008).
The singer collects more than 150 national and international awards, such as the Latin Grammy, Shorty Awards and the title of Most Complete Artist in Brazil - Billboard Brasil.
In addition to the more than 10 shows per month that she usually performs, Ivete still gets some time on the agenda to star in major Brazilian TV shows such as The Voice, Superbonita, Estação Globo, SuperStar and more.