Jota Quest

09|22 07:00 PM • Palco Mundo

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Jota Quest is a hit factory. With more than 5 million albums sold, the group is approaching their 25th year in their career and is reaping the fruits of a path paved by big hits as ”Encontrar Alguém”, “Fácil”, “Amor Maior” and “Dias Melhores”. With their latest 2015 album "Pancadélico” concert - which brought up a partnership with the legendary guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers - the quartet from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais goes up on the World Stage on September 22 to shake the new City of Rock!

Why you should go

Jota Quest has won the Latin Grammy Awards on two occasions: in 2011, the album “Quinze” won in the category "Best Brazilian Contemporary Pop Album", while the Ao Vivo no Rock in Rio” was considered the "Best Brazilian Rock Album” from 2013.
The Jota Quest was the only band in Latin America to be invited for the "Spider-Man II” movie soundtrack when they re-recorded the hero’s theme in 2003.
The group has partnered with big names like Lulu Santos, Nile Rodgers and even Roberto Carlos.