king crimson

10|06 • Palco Sunset

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After 50 years, the band King Crimson should already be on the World Culture Heritage List. Since 2014, when they resumed their live performances, critics and big names in world music have been praising the band's performance, which, even after half a century, still is flawless. The audience of Rock in Rio will have an unique experience on the Sunset Stage watching one of the biggest rock bands in the world on October 6 2019. We are ready for “the court of crimson king".

Why you should go

In 1969, none other than Jimi Hendrix watched King Crimson live and said he saw the best band in the world. What a compliment!
The audience of the City of Rock will hear both the classics and new music in the band’s setlist for Rock in Rio 2019.
King Crimson gained even more visibility after Kanye West sampled an excerpt from "21st Century Schizoid Man" in his song "Power."