09|22 02:30 AM • Eletronica

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With only 25 years, the British-Japanese Maya Jane Coles is already a phenomenon in the world of music. In a typical Maya recording, she writes, produces, arranges, mixes, records and performs each track element, sometimes she even makes the cover art design as well. And all this versatility comes to Electronica on September 22 amid a great mix of musical textures ranging from house to techno, through R & B and dub. All this is very evident in the singles "Everything" ft. Karin Park and “Burning Bright” ft. Kim Ann Foxman.

Why you should go

Maya does a bit of everything, she produces, writes, sings, records, mixes and still owns her own electronic music label, I/AM/ME, in which she released her latest works.
The artist has performed in over 40 different countries at several festivals around the world. Now is Maya’s turn to land in Brazil to show all her talent in Rock in Rio!
Maya was named the winner of the TOP10 female artists from the UK electronic music by THE UNTZ.