nervosa + guest

10|04 • Palco Sunset

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The female power trio, formed by Fernanda Lira (bass and vocals), Prika Amaral (guitar and backing vocals) and Luana Dametto (drums), makes a furious thrash metal that has already won headbangers on tours throughout Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe. Formed in 2010, Nervosa has 3 albums released internationally and a career that is growing more and more. On October 4, the energy of these women will open the Sunset Stage. Be ready for a full metal day ahead.

Why you should go

Schmier, lead singer of the German thrash metal band Destruction, released the first Nervosa clip, boosting their international career.
The band has shared stages around the world with big names in thrash metal like Exodus, Kreator, Benediction and others.
Nervosa has 3 albums and 2 EPs released. The last one, "Downfall of Mankind", is pure power!