Pet Shop Boys

09|15 09:05 PM • Palco Mundo

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There are several reasons to watch a Pet Shop Boys’ concert. With more than 100 million albums sold along their 35-year career, Neil Frances Tennant and Christopher Sean Lowe form the most successful duo in the history of British pop music. This title was achieved with songs that were and still are popular in any dance floor around the globe. From “Domino Dancing” to "West End Girls” and “Being Boring”, the list is endless and it will make the whole City of Rock dance on September 15.

Why you should go

The duo has more than 100 million copies sold along their career.
The Pet Shop Boys’ concert is a hit parade. “Being Boring”, “Go West”, “Always on my Mind” and “It’s a Sin” are some of the classics guaranteed on the duo’s setlist.
The group has partnered with David Bowie, Liza Minelli, Elton John and Lady Gaga, among others.