Rock Street Band

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Rock District

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The Rock District will have a resident band, formed by Mauro Berman (bass), Lourenço Monteiro (drums), Ge Fonseca (keyboards), Fernando Vidal (guitar) and André Frateschi (vocals). The repertoire will be all based on the great bands that have passed through Rock in Rio. The group will have two entries per day in the Rock District.

Why you should go

The band’s repertoire is full of classic rock songs.
The lead singer André Frateschi was the singer on the Legião Urbana XXX’s, which celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the band founded by Renato Russo with its original members Dado Villa-Lobos and Marcelo Bonfá.
The Rock Street Band will perform on all seven days of the festival, always offering a quality choice to the public at the nova Cidade do Rock.