10|04 • Palco Mundo

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In Germany, the United States or Finland, when people talk about Brazilian metal, the very first name we hear is Sepultura. The band ensembled in 1984 in Minas Gerais, has already overcome all barriers and won over the international metal scene. This time, Derrick, Andreas, Paulo Jr and Eloy will open the Main Stage on Metal Day of Rock in Rio 2019. Are you ready to listen to classics like "Inner Self" and "Roots Bloody Roots" at the City of Rock?

Why you should go

Sepultura is the most prestigious Brazilian band in the heavy metal scene worldwide. What a feat!
A typical Sepultura’s concert set list is packed with metal classics. It was virtually impossible to sit still watching those guys play.
34 years on the road doing what they do the best: metal. How did it work out for them? More than 20 million albums sold worldwide.