09|16 07:00 PM • Palco Mundo

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Pride of the Minas Gerais state, Skank are specialists in merging the local traditions to the international rock innovations. They’ve sold 5 million albums and 1 million paid downloads with their particular way of making music. With a respectable gallery of hits, the quartet never changed their original formation and keeps gaining fans as if they were a brand new band.

Why you should go

Skank has a long history of participations in the main music festivals in the world, sharing the stage with Blur, Echo & The Bunnymen and even Black Sabbath.
They collect awards as if they were sports cards. They’ve won the Latin Grammy for the album “Cosmotron” in 2004 and even a Cannes Lion for their innovative interactive video “SkankPlay” in 2011.
Sony Music International chose just one Brazilian music name for the commemorative box set “Soundtrack for a Century” released in 1999 to celebrate the record company’s 100 years: it was Skank.