10|05 • Palco Mundo

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The group got together in 1995 and began their career as an alternative hip hop act. Over the years they have absorbed new influences, such as dance pop and electronic music, becoming the global super-stars we know today. In 2003, they conquered the world reaching the top of the charts with their hit single, “Where Is The Love”. The group recently announced that their first studio album in eight years, “Masters of The Sun” will come out October 26th 2018. We’ve gotta feeling that October 5th 2019 is gonna be a good night!

Why you should go

Not everyone can sell 76 million copies worldwide. The group have collected more than 87 awards since 2003, notably eight American Music Awards and six Grammy Awards.
It will be Black Eyed Peas’ first time at the Brazilian edition of the festival. The band have already played two incredible shows at Rock in Rio Lisbon, and now it's time for the City of Rock in Rio de Janeiro.
Ever wondered how many hits are on Black Eyed Peas` setlist? "Where is the Love", "Pump it”, "I Gotta Feeling", and many more.