09|24 10:00 PM • Eletronica

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Since he was young, Zerb became interested and learned how to play various instruments, until he met electronic music. He began to produce and by 17 he already caught the attention of big names in the Brazilian and international scene. With his partner, Vintage Culture, one of the greatest artists of the Brazilian electronic music, Zerb released one of the greatest hits of the year, the remix of "Zhu - Faded" and so began this great artist’s professional story who will go up on Electronica on September 24.

Why you should go

He’s a new talent, those who have freshly got out of the oven, full of energy and new to command the dance floors!
He’s only 19 years old and already has an extensive résumé, working as a DJ, music producer and graphic designer. Due to his young age, Zerb is considered the new wunderkind of the national electronic scene.
Zerb dreams of being a great DJ recognized internationally, but also dreams of attending a good university. It’s complicated to combine a DJ’s nightlife, trips to play with exams and studies.