When the lights go out, when the sound turns off, when the gates close, what is the feeling that remains? What is the common feeling of hundreds of thousands of people who before, during and after Rock in Rio, speak the same language? Music is really a universal language. It knocks down barriers, unites differences, talk at a distance. Music walks along fundamental values for human coexistence: respect, empathy, compassion, understanding. All this is music. The biggest festival in the world closed this edition with a sense of mission accomplished. Great vibe, that makes the difference.

Today, Palco Sunset was pure rock. The São Paulo band Ego Kill Talent opened with a grungy hard rock and was warmly welcomed by the crowd. Doctor Pheabes continued the heavy vibe, inviting Supla to the second half of the show. The eternal "daddy" put gas to the fire singing songs that marked his career. The singer came down from the stage, interacted with the people, pure charisma. Republica in the sequence, heavy metal sung in English with the aid of the violinist Iva Giracca. Then came Sepultura, Sunset's most anticipated band. Heavy Metal was well represented, even with the participation of the Lima Family Violins. It showed well the vibe of Machine Messiah, new album of the band.

Rogério Flausino, who opened Palco Mundo on Saturday with Jota Quest, homaged Cazuza alongside his brother, Wilson Sideral, on the stage of Rock District. The vibe on Rock Street Africa was also excellent, with Ba Cissoko, Mamani Keïta and Alred et Bernard. Eletronica didn't stop with Cat Dealers, Gabriel Boni, Robert Owen, Vintage Culture, among others.

Rock continued to live on Palco Mundo. Dinho Ouro Preto got emotional several times during Capital Inicial's show. It would be difficult not to, with the crowd singing along the many hits of the troupe from Brasilia. The "Mulher de Fases" version put the thousands of fans in the new Cidade do Rock to jump and sing a lot. This same crowd was transported back to the '90s with The Offspring. "Why Don't You Get a Job", "Americana", "Pretty Fly" and "The Kids Aren't Alright" were the most celebrated by the audience. Dexter Holland thanked the love: "best audience in the world!"

Thirty Seconds to Mars was a show beyond music. Jared Leto is a true master of ceremonies, it was something different in this edition of Rock in Rio. Leto arrived showing off with his looks, ate one spoon of açaí, went to the crowd, went to the zip-line... It was awesome! He even invited a large number of 30STM fans onto the stage. Another moment to make history in Rock in Rio. Should the last one to leave turn off the lights or set off fireworks? Red Hot Chili Peppers: one of the most acclaimed bands in the world, a career of more than 30 years, several hits up their sleeve. It was emotion all the way, "Can not Stop", "By The Way", "Under the Bridge" and many other classics of RHCP set the audience in a state of total euphoria. Anthony Kids still looks like a teenager singing, Flea is still the monster he's always been, Chad Smith showing the usual precision... Epic!

Rock in Rio 2017 ends the way it started, with lots of love involved. Yes, love. It's not just the festival, the attractions and the audience. Because when the lights go out, when the sound turns off and when the gates close, what is left is love. And that Rock in Rio has a lot to spare. Let's continue this story together? So... see you next time!