Rock in Rio 2017 will have a space totally dedicated to the mother of all rhythms. The new Rock Street version will celebrate Africa with exclusive concerts throughout all the seven days of the event, making the space a music celebration hot spot showing to visitors the origin of all the styles present at the other stages of the festival.

 On March 14, the Africa Rock Street press conference was held at Cidade das Artes in Rio de Janeiro, showing the guests a little of the hugeness of rhythms, colors, costumes and multiculturality that will be present at the Africa Rock Street on September 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23 and 24 at the new City of Rock.

 Among the exclusive presentations of essentially African dance and music by the young kids from the Escola Carioca de Danças Negras and the group Les Tambours de Brazza (Congo), Roberta Medina went up on stage to tell the guests the news like the 20 houses that will be at the space as well as the 1,600 square meters of rock pools. The Cidade das Artes space also received trustworthy examples of the little house façade signed by João Uchôa and Glauco Bernardes.

 During the event, Toy Lima, Africa Rock Street’s curator announced the musical groups that will play the characteristic sound of the continent to the Africa Rock Street: Les Tambours de Brazza, Ba Cissoko, Mamani Keïta, Alfred et Bernard, Freddy Massamba and Tynous Gnaoua will provide to the audience the opportunity to check extractions of African culture from rhythm to costumes.