In a partnership between Rock in Rio, Multishow, Digital Stars and VIU Hub the largest digital culture event in Latin America was created: The Like Fest and its launching date and a place already set. In April 2019, the Anhembi Exhibition Center in São Paulo will host a meeting between content creators, market players, fans and brands, as well as an award that will honor the great talents of the digital world.


Rock in Rio’s CEO, Luis Justo, comments on the event’s origins: "When we created Rock in Rio’s Digital Stage, our focus was to get a foothold in this new dynamic of communication and engagement: the charisma and influence of these creators are undeniable, what really surprised us was the striking relevance that this stage conquered in the midst of so much content that we offer at the City of Rock. It was made clear that there was enough room for this conversation to grow a lot and that the way to connect with the younger audience is this".


Digital Stars’ CEO, Luiz Felipe Barros, explains that the creation of the event reflects the market power of our native digital talents, which culminates with major brands investing in them also for the reach they have. "We will bring together the most significant influencers in the country and create unique experiences with the public. We will have content for fans who demand live broadcasts, for fans wanting interaction with their idols, for fans who dream of simply giving their idols a hug and for those who dream of becoming an influencer and for our market. All this content will be co-created between us and the influencers, so that the language and authenticity that captivated the audience becomes the centerpiece of our content," he then adds.

Focusing on different audiences, ranging from children to young adults, the festival will comprise 3 universes: Community (with 3 stages), Creators and IndustryIn all, there will be five activity-spaces linked to several themes recurrent in the digital world.

Within the Community universe, the goal is to create an atmosphere of closeness between fans and idols. This universe will host three stages. Like Stage will feature presentations from the top influencers of the current digital scene. Meanwhile, the Play Stage will be a gaming arena for fierce and entertaining battles between players. Then there is the Share Stage dedicated entirely to lifestyle, with tips on makeup, fashion, wellness and more.


The Creators universe will give insights to anyone wanting to start their career and show what an influencer’s life is like behind the cameras. In this space, real footages will be displayed so that audiences can record videos as if they were inside their idols’ homes!


Industry is a space dedicated to the discussions that permeate the digital world and the new reality it embodies. Workshops and lectures from renowned professionals in the market will allow for entrepreneurs, advertisers and several market players to debate the impact of this new form of communication and how to achieve the best results with these initiatives.

To wrap up, at the very last day of the event the Like Awards takes place, a new award that will honor the highpoints of the digital production in Brazil.


In addition to the five main venues, the event will also feature a lot more. Like a lounge for influencers and fans to meet and greet, booths with attractions and entertainment.


The launching of the festival took place last Thursday, April 11th, in São Paulo. Check below some of the press release’s highlights:

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