The brighter sky in the world will be the Rock in Rio 2017! During the seven days of the festival, 100 drones will color and shine in the sky of the new Cidade do Rock, an unprecedented spectacle in Latin America. The light show will take place in the interval between the third and the last concert on the World Stage.

The drones will dance through the air producing unique designs created especially for the festival, such as equalizers arches, sound waves and guitars, among others. Arrangements shall be borne by Austrian orchestra Passion For Life, who promises to go through classical music, Bossa Nova and cast off with the theme song of the festival, "Se a vida começasse agora". There will be four pilots controlling the drones in a diameter of 200 meters. The show can be seen from every point of the new Cidade do Rock.

The production and rehearsals began in March this year at the University Anton Bruckner, in Austria. The University has made it available to the Rock in Rio, the orchestra and the State of the Art, an installation where they made the records below.

A unique experience that starts from September 15.