We have so many novelties in this edition of Rock in Rio, we’ve ended up preparing a super illustrated map to show you. From new venues, arenas for games, a new neighborhood in the nova Cidade do Rock and even 24 hour subway and BRT buses. An event of this size could not offer less than this.

Strolling through this illustration, can you already notice what each corner and detail mean? So let’s count one by one! Come on with us:

Right there on the top, we have the DRONES show, arriving for the first time in Brazil, with hundreds of drones forming unbelievable and exciting images in the sky, such as Rock in Rio’s guitar. Just below it, the WORLD STAGE, where they reflect the biggest spotlight of Rock in Rio, the stage where the greatest names in the music world have stepped on, and this year, it is fancier than ever with historical nights where, for example, it will receive, on the same day no less than Guns N 'Roses and The Who. Carrying on with our tour, a little more to the right we find a space that fills us with pride to announce: the GAME XP arenas, which will be the country's largest gaming event.

Now let's go down a little bit and stop at SUNSET STAGE, where memorable musical encounters are the major players. Going a bit to the left, we are faced with one of the most important projects in the history of Rock in Rio, the AMAZON LIVE, a social and environmental project that will plant more than 3 million trees in the largest rainforest in the world.

Don’t get tired yet, there’s much more! Let’s go a bit to the left and we’ll find another novelty from this edition, a new neighborhood, a new space full of interventions and that we’re very happy to announce, the ROCK DISTRICT: a district filled with style and it will bring Rock in Rio Boulevard with its Walk of Fame celebrating the great names of the music in the world. Right there by its side, you already start to feel the energy and vibe of the legendary ELETRONICA, where we’ll have the greatest and newest electronic music names from all over the Globe.

Go down a little bit and come to get to know the DIGITAL STAGE, an exclusive space for stars of the digital world. By its right, we have come out in unprecedented ROCK STREET AFRICA, where the public will get to know the greatness of African multiculture, from rhythms to costumes. We walked so much that we got hungry! And we know that to get to know this universe called Rock in Rio, we need a lot of energy, so come down here with us and get to know the GOURMET SQUARE, a giant refrigerated space with 14 gastronomic bars for you to delight and restoring the energy to enjoy everything start to finish. Well, now it’s just going back home with the new subway, that will be working 24 hours during the festival. <3

We’ll meet on September at the new Cidade do Rock!