They cut the red ribbon: it was the start for Rock in Rio 2017. The founder and president of the festival, Roberto Medina, opened the process with a press conference that preceded the opening of the gates to the Preview. With the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella, and dozens of journalists, Medina emphasized the commitment of the event beyond the grids of the new Cidade do Rock.

- It's very hard for you to see a city that is capable of producing the Olympic Games as it was made here - changing the mood of Brazil - or that is able of making a Rock in Rio, a carnival festival - the biggest event of the world - and see that we are sad, shy and suffering. It shouldn't be like this. We can and we will get back on top", said the entrepreneur.

It’s a rhythm of hope and unity for a better world. Or, in the words of Roberta Medina, executive vice president of Rock in Rio, of "care and respect with others". A proof of this are some of the novelties of this edition, such as the King's Choir, formed by refugees from Congo and Angola who will perform on Rock Street.

"We believe in a better world and we make a better world", Roberta said.

Before closing the event, Roberto Medina delivered a key of the Cidade do Rock - a guitar, in fact - to Mayor Marcelo Crivella, who validated the feeling hope that marks this edition.

"I'm sure that when this beautiful youth meets in this Cidade do Rock and is infected by this effort, by this creativity, by the talent of so many musicians, artists, and above all, by Medina's ability to love this city, Rio de Janeiro will be much better, "said the mayor.