Rock in Rio’s next edition will feature an unprecedented attraction, a new space with the goal of giving visibility to the diversity and the plurality of Rio de Janeiro’s local communities: "The Espaço Favela will bring the communities under the spotlight, portraying the joy of its residents. We are going to magnify this cultural universe giving life to its characters. They are good hard-working people seeking better opportunities and living conditions. Untiring people and true warriors who well-represent these communities. The whole idea goes beyond being just a presentation at Rock in Rio, we want to start a movement that will bring hope and opportunities to those who live in the communities," says Roberto Medina, president of Rock in Rio.

On the stage of Espaço Favela, an array of talents specially selected from the community and curated by Zé Ricardo (CUFA and the group Nós do Morro,) will feature local artists of various genres, such as MPB, hip hop, break, samba, dance, percussion, graffiti, theater and more.


With the intention of boosting the communities’ creative economy and stimulating businesses for microentrepreneurs, presenting them not only to a public of more than 700,000 people attending the festival, but also to the whole world. Espaço Favela also counts on partners like Sebrae, Viva Rio and CUFA.


"It’s not charity. We want to highlight all the greatness of these communities, there are plenty of people with relevant content to add to the festival's artistic scene. The favela is rather a bowl of creativity, of countless styles. The idea is to empower and showcase the talents. We will run a musical curation always considering the diversity and the same dynamics will apply to the space as a whole", explains Zé Ricardo.


Gastronomy talents will also have their own focus. In cooperation with the Sebrae, small businesses will have the opportunity to showcase their cuisine. All cooks will receive proper qualification and legal support to grow their operations. After the event, Rock in Rio will give the used machinery to their kitchens.


"We can spot the talent and creativity in the businesses inside the favelas from a distance. Jobs are really created in there. They did find ways to get around the crisis. Sebrae can offer courses or guide people on how to set up their business. Plus, it facilitates access to credit. One of our ideas is to take to these microentrepreneurs the "fintechs", small tech-companies that can help with credit concession", assured Guilherme Afif Domingos, Sabrae’s president.


The CUFA (Central Única das Favelas) will also be responsible for recruiting and training professionals in the communities. They will have the opportunity to work and experience Rock in Rio’s backstage as costume designers, producers and even as light/sound technicians.


Viva Rio will hold a calendar of events called "I just want to be happy", with parties, celebrations and popular movements in Rio de Janeiro, as well as promoting gastronomic and cultural events that will help to make new talents known for the Espaço Favela.

"Since 2001, Viva Rio and Rock in Rio are socially committed and determined to boost the Carioca spirit. Espaço Favela is a real opportunity to expand our missions, especially to those who need it the most. We will never give up. It's in our DNA. Long live, Rio! Long live, Rock in Rio!" Says Carlos Roberto Fernandes, Project Manager at Viva Rio.


Hurry up, 2019!