The date was already special by itself, but the event of presentation of the promo winners offered by Chilli Beans "I'm Gonna Marry at Rock in Rio", held yesterday, June 12, in Rio de Janeiro, turned the Brazilian Valentine's Day unforgettable for the seven couples chosen to walk the aisle at Rock in Rio 2017.

"When we returned to Brazil in 2011, a couple got in touch with us because they had a problem: they scheduled their wedding for the same day as the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. Both were great fans of the band and didn’t want to miss it at all. So requested us if they could formalize their union at the festival. We liked the idea and agreed. With this, more requests came in 2013. In 2015, these requests increased so much that we decided to create the promo to choose the people who would marry during the festival.” said Agatha Arêas, Marketing Director at Rock in Rio, to the couples Cristiana Cartolano and Leonardo Veloso, Flavia Carreiro and Sergio Rodrigues, Magna Ribeiro and Thales Aguilar, Larissa Dallabrida and Luiza Koech, Victor Lamanna and Mariana Barbosa, Rafael Carvalho and Regina Moreira and Maria Cecilia and Marina de Assis.

The 14 lucky ones also had the chance to hear stories of those of who got married in previous editions, and also tell the story of how they got there after overcoming 1,300 other couples.

Starting preparations for the wedding night, the brides underwent makeup testing with Maybelline and measuring fingers for the rings, as well as took part in a Chilli Beans-sponsored gymkhana for a coveted wedding dress signed by Marcelo Sommer. Present at the event, the stylist personally chose Larissa Dallabrida to climb to the altar of the new Cidade do Rock with his exclusive dress.

After an authentic pop star afternoon, with photos and interviews for the press, the 7 couples said goodbye with the certainty that they will have the night of their lives at Rock in Rio 2017.