But, after all, what is a GAME PARK?


Picture a theme park with hundreds of thousands of square meters, 3 Olympic arenas, and the opportunity to experience things that have never been done before? This is Game Park and it will be assembled by Game XP 2018. Holding 4 areas full of experiences: a total of 3 arenas + an outdoor area with ​​100 thousand square meters!


Tickets on sale from Monday, June 11th at 8pm. Don’t miss out!


In one of the arenas, the public will be able to watch international competitions in the World’s biggest gamming screen. A second arena will be for everyone actively wanting to participate by playing with their friends and families. In a third arena, a lot of gamming innovations related will be showcased. At the outer area, people will be able to feel the sensation of experiencing a real game outside the screens. Only those in Game XP will live this experience.


All this news was announced today at the Game XP 2018 launch conference, which was held at the Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow), right in the heart of The Wonderful City, Rio’s moniker. We tell you about everything that went on during the event!


Luis Justo, CEO of Rock in Rio, began the ceremony highlighting his joy of bringing good news to Rio de Janeiro, and then followed to present the audience with reassuring numbers: Rio de Janeiro already has 215 confirmed business events for next year; the city is the largest receiver of tourists in Brazil, having taken in no less than 7 million visitors in 2017. And just like in Rock in Rio, Game XP expects to have at least 50% of the attendance coming from outside Rio de Janeiro.


The success of the first Game XP, launched with and within Rock in Rio 2017, was so big that half the audience that went through the City of Rock’s gates participated in the event: "There were 316k people that circulated inside the two arenas while Rock in Rio was happening. We only did not have an even bigger audience because the arenas closed right at the World Stage concert’s starting time," said Luis Justo.


Pierre Mantovani, CEO of CCXP - partner of Game XP - comes up with impressive and remarkable numbers on the world of games: "The World’s biggest entertainment market is now Gamming. And Brazil is already the 3rd biggest e-Sports consumer market globally. This promising market is proof that the Brazilian market deserves a worthy event.


Then, a great novelty was unraveled for the 2018 edition which will constitute the world’s biggest Game Park ever built: besides two entertainment titans - Rock in Rio and CCXP - participating in partnership for this great event, a third giant has just arrived to give even more weight to the project. Luis Justo reveals that the Globo Group joins in as the 3rd shareholder of Game XP.


Leandro Valentim, Director of Sports Business Development – Globo Group, points out: "E-Sports is a sport. The numbers are out there: million-dollars awards, teams and all". He explains that last year, a 10.2 million dollars prize was given to the winning team, meanwhile the Libertadores Cup (soccer) paid 7 million to its winners. At the end of his speech, Leandro jokes with parents who complain that their children play video games: "Your kid is there, at home, playing video games ... maybe it's time to invest in it, buy an air conditioner, a better chair for them... ". :)


With this new giant as a partner, spectators will have the opportunity to watch major championships that will take place in Game XP directly from its big screen, such as the Brazilian Rainbow Six finals or the Brazilian edition of Just Dance.


Also, at the end, in a round of questions asked by the guests, Rock in Rio’s famous Ferris wheel could not be left out: "Hey, will there be a Ferris wheel on Game XP?" Yes, it will! With augmented reality games for whoever is in the ride and more.


Want more? Grab your ticket to Game XP. Sales start next Monday, June 11th- 2018, 8:00 PM, at www.gamexp.com.br