It's time to secure your place in the world's first Game Park!


Among the attractions at GameXP 2018 you’ll find:

• eSports on the world's biggest gaming screen

• Rainbow Six Brazil - Finals

• Brazilian Edition of Just Dance

• Immersive Virtual Reality game Arkave VR - The Last Squad

• Augmented Reality, Ferris Wheel and more!


Known to the public that went to Rock in Rio in 2017, the Oi Game Arena, GamePlay Arena and Experience Bay are back, even bigger and more impressive. A major innovation for the event is the Inova Arena. Learn a little more about each one of these spaces inside the world's first Game Park:


Hi Game Arena (Olympic Arena 1)

The apple of eSports lovers’ eyes, this arena will once again have the biggest game screen in the world. Now, fifty square feet larger than the previous one, the new "Superscreen" has incredible 1,500 m²! The stage and its structure - for big concerts - will accommodate official championships of the world’s best current games, with pro players warring on important competitions like Rainbow Six Brazil Finals and the Brazilian edition of a Just Dance championship (With a slot for the game’s World Cup to be held in 2019 at steak.) And all this in front of an audience of up to 4k people (compared to 1,500 seats in 2017).


GamePlay Arena (Olympic Arena 2)

The biggest brands on the Gaming market bring what is most modern and fun to this arena of experimentation. The public will be able to play new releases, pre-test and participate in exclusive activations. Expo Play will receive about 50% more games than in 2017. Art Street is also located in this arena. It’s an area devoted exclusively to illustrators and artists whose productions are focused on the pop culture universe.


Inova Arena (Olympic Arena 3)

Game XP expands its presence at the Barra’s Olympic Park with the opening of Inova Arena, a space that showcases technology and innovation content. One of the confirmed attractions is Arkave VR - The Last Squad, a 100%-Brazilian software. Arkave will be set up in a ​​400 m2 area promoting the concept of immersive virtual reality of our entire bodies. That is, the player literally wears the game. It is the most cutting-edge tendency in virtual reality applied to multiplayer games.


Experience Bay

In Experience Bay, the participant experiences the game beyond the screen. Immersion in real size, both physically and virtually speaking. The waiting will pay off. There will be 10 amazing installations!

GAME EXPERIENCE 2018: from September 6th to Sept 9th, at the Olympic Park.