Entertainment giants, Rock in Rio and Comic Con Experience joined today (April 4) to announce the Game XP, another novelty of the Rock in Rio 2017. A unique partnership between the Rock in Rio organizers and CCXP - Comic Con Experience will bring to the new Cidade do Rock the experience of live games.

The idea is to create an experience never before seen in gaming events in the country. At the site, that will occupy two of the Olympic arenas used during the Rio 2016 Games - now fully integrated into the new City of Rock - visitors will find attractions as an eSports arena, auditoriums for talk shows with producers, creators and other professionals of the segment, matches between celebrities and kiosks of major brands for sale, as well as new stuff demos and releases. All this will be available for all visitors to Rock in Rio in the seven-day event. "Rock in Rio is recognized as a space of experimentation. The public does not go to the event exclusively because of the artists who perform on stage. The reflex were the 120,000 tickets sold before we announced the attractions. What makes these people go is the party, the number of experiences that can be exchanged in one place. Bringing the world of games broadens this public empowerment on the content we offer and it meets with the design of a Cidade do Rock increasingly like a big theme park of live music and entertainment, "said Roberto Medina.

CEO Comic Con Experience, Pierre Mantovani justified the idea of uniting two of the great Brazilian passions in one place”: "Brazil moves 1.25 billion dollars a year in the gaming market, behind only the US, Japan and China, and it’s a growing trend. It is estimated that 59 million people play some kind of game here, either on consoles, computers or smartphones. This represents 28% of the entire population of the country. And now this audience can expect a major event that will offer the ultimate experience in games, "he says.

Another important pillar of the entertainment market, music is gaining more and more space in the gaming world. The investment in sophisticated soundtracks, with renowned artists in the music industry helping to drive the emotions within the plot, is a constant nowadays. Games with this feature appearing on bestseller lists around the world, such as the game "Just Dance", which causes people to really move.

The Game XP will be an annual event in Rio de Janeiro. The goal is to put the event on the official calendar of the Marvelous Cit along with Carnival, New Year and the festival itself, and thus further assist in the city's tourism, especially during low season time. "Events such as Rock in Rio bring numerous benefits to all sectors, and the arrival of other events is paramount. What we intend to do with the CCXP will be a revolution in the world of events, "says Roberto Medina.

A detailed schedule of Game XP will be released over the coming months, including exhibitors, attractions and other surprises.