700,000 people said “I’ll go." Tickets for Rock in Rio have run out, but we haven’t lost our trust in the power of recovery of this magical territory of ours. And we reaffirm our intention to contribute, side by side with you, to the construction of a fairer, more human and happier city, on a par with the wonderful landscape that nature has given us as a gift. Almost 500 years ago, since the battles for its foundation, Rio has overcome all kinds of crisis and came out stronger. You'll get over this, too. The instruments for the great turnaround are all in front of us. We can’t waste a minute to use them with talent and zest, professionalism and wisdom, overall vision and winning spirit.

The answer to turn this game around is tourism.

Inbound tourism is the second largest industry in the world, with incredible potential to generate large and small business opportunities, creating income and multiplying jobs. Here, tourism can and should be the lever of swift development for all social classes and all areas of the city, by marketing goods and services from the most diverse genres - from the grand hotel to the pastry sold at the corner.

Rio, a desired product approved all around the world.

Carnival, New Year's Eve and Rock in Rio motivate a great deal of the tourists who visit our city. And even in a period as hard as we have been experiencing in recent years, both politically and economically, those who come approve and wish to return.

The Getúlio Vargas Foundation and other organizations have conducted several researches over the years with Brazilian and foreign visitors about their experience in immersing in the life of Rio and their intention on returning. The interviews were made during the 2016 Olympic Games and they confirm and amplify the previous results: 98.7% of Brazilian tourists and 83.1% of foreigners declared that the city met or surpassed their expectations. The intention of new visits to Rio was expressed by 94.2% of the residents in the country and 87.7% of those residing abroad. These numbers are not only a reason to be proud but they point to a limitless horizon. Now it’s up to us. To what we are, what we have already done, how much we can do and what we will do.

Let’s use the best we’ve got.

The City of Rio de Janeiro recently received public and private investments of around R$ 25 billion for the expansion of the transportation network (subway, BRT, VLT), new sporting and artistic events, museums,

revitalization of downtown Rio, hotels, gastronomy and much more. We have over 30,000 new hotel rooms and thanks to the dynamism of large and small entrepreneurs new attractions appear every day. We're ready. The issue is bringing more boldness, energy and inventiveness to this wonderful machine and its power to produce good jobs and well-distributed income.

The time is now!

It is time to mobilize our society, the media, businesses, the Federal State and City Governments to implant an already powerful tourist calendar that will rock our city.

We have to become a safer and more fascinating tourist site, with projects in which our creativity will compensate for the lack of money and attract resources from abroad. We must once again show Brazil and the world that no one is better than us concerning one of the greatest assets we have: celebrating, communicating the party and delivering perfectly the joy that is lacking in the entire planet.

Roberto Medina

President of Rock in Rio