Rock in Rio’s First Class will be even closer to the Cidade do Rock in 2017. As in other editions, executive buses with air conditioning and great comfort will be used. Boarding and arrival spots will be spread across 17 strategic locations and with schedules previously defined. The First Class special lines go straight into the new Cidade do Rock arriving at an exclusive entrance. The arrival terminal will have a reception area with bars and bands for the audience who is waiting for the gates to open.

Tickets for First Class transportation will be sold in advance, as in previous editions. The Rock in Rio First Class card is individual and can’t be used on another day, time or place other than those established at the time of purchase. The return from the event can be made from 10 p.m. up to 2 hours after the end of the last concert at the Palco Mundo.

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Check out the First Class spots:

· Santos Dumont Airport

· Tom Jobim - Galeão Airport

· Barra da Tijuca

· Botafogo Praia Shopping

· Downtown

· Copacabana

· Ipanema

· Lagoa

· Méier

· Norte Shopping

· Recreio Shopping

· Novo Rio Bus Station

· Shopping Nova América

· Shopping Rio Sul

· Tijuca/Saens Peña

· Petrópolis

· Niterói

BRT and Subway

Those who chose to use public transportation will have even more comfort with the transportation scheme already tested, approved and improved by the Olympic Games audience. The subway + BRT combo will connect the entire Rio de Janeiro to the Cidade do Rock. The service intends to take the audience from the South Zone to the event in less than half an hour. In the New Cidade do Rock, the arrival of the BRT is even closer to the gates.

You can get to Rock in Rio through regular BRT lines through the Transoeste, Transolimpico and Transcarioca corridors, or the direct line that will connect the new Cidade do Rock to the Jardim Oceânico subway station without stops. The BRT system, which already operates 24 hours, will have a reinforcement late at night to serve the exit of the public on the days of the event.

The unprecedented partnership with the MetrôRio subway company for Rock in Rio 2017 also guarantees a special operation system. Jardim Oceânico station will be open 24 hours during the seven days of the festival. All the other stations (lines 1, 2 and 4) will be operating normally up to midnight. Between 00:01 and 05:00, these stations will only operate to disembark passengers from Rock in Rio.

Be smart: to have access to this service you must have the RioCard transportation card in hand. The subway card does not give access to the BRT and to use both modes without any setbacks, it is necessary to arrive with the RioCard already loaded.

Give some time off to your car.

Driving to Cidade do Rock is not an option. There will be no parking nearby and there is a great possibility of having checking points for DUI at the exit of the event. But rest assured, Rock in Rio took care of everything for you. With the many options of public transportation you get to enjoy with friends with comfort and safety since you leave your home. The party gets even more lively.