Rock in Rio continues to innovate and overcome barriers to bring the best of entertainment to its audience. In this edition, a broken record: the largest projection screen in the world will be set in the Oi Game Arena, the stage of Game XP. The super screen will total 1450 square meters of projection, being 75 meters long and 20 meters high.

There's no way you won't be able to follow the battles of the best gamers in Brazil, and music as well. Bands and DJs will play classic video and game soundtracks, promising to take the audience into delirium as well-known eSports names narrate and comment the matches.

"The idea is that nobody will stand still and they'll enjoy the content they want in Rock in Rio. If you want to plunge even more into the universe of games, we are innovating with Game XP and what we can advance is that we are investing to bring the best in the world market, "said Roberto Fabri, Game XP marketing director and curator.

Next to the Oi Game Arena, Expo Play completes the fun of the fans through the game worlds. Exhibitions and freeplay will be available to the public. Outside the arenas, the game goes on. Experience Bay promises to put you inside full size phases of famous games. This is the case of Mario Bros Le Parkour which, by its name, already gives you a clue to the fun you'll have ahead. Those who enjoy Angry Birds will also be able to throw the birds at the targets as in your cell phone.