It’s almost time for the Rock in Rio 2017 and it's time to start planning your big day in the new City of Rock! Don’t know what to pack? Objects such as chargers and lenses for smartphones, power banks, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, warm clothing and semi-professional cameras will be allowed.

Properly sealed industrialized food, such as biscuits, toasts, cereal bars, and so on, as well as cut fruits and sandwiches packaged in transparent Zip Locks - with a limit of five per person and not intended for commercialization - will also be allowed as well plastic bottles for water consumption, if it has no cap - Water fountains installed in the new City of Rock will available to the public. The entry of the objects in the list below, which may be considered dangerous, is forbidden.

(a) bottles of any kind, size or material (e.g.. spring water bottles, squeezes and so on);

(b) hard packaging with a lid (e.g..: plastic containers such as Tupperware);

(c) tin cans;

(d) helmets;

(e) firearms or knives of any sort (knives, penknives, and so on);

(f) chairs/stools;

(g) umbrellas;

(h) pointed objects;

(i) piercing or cutting objects (scissors, box cutters, tweezers, nail clippers);

(j) fireworks, explosive devices, flares and incendiary devices of any sort;

(l) glass, plastic or metal objects (perfumes, cosmetics, including deodorants of any sort, tooth brush or paste) ;

(m) beverages (in any kind of recipient);

(n) skate boards, bicycles or any kind of motor vehicle or not;

(o) Styrofoam coolers or any storage container.

(p) selfie stick (monopod)

(q) items that might be used for ambush marketing

(r) poisonous and/or toxic substances, including illegal drugs.

(s) flags or posters bringing messages or symbols containing commercial advertising symbols or messages.