Once again we have witnessed the sales success of the Rock in Rio Card, which is equivalent to a ticket to the festival, sold before the release of the full line-up. Less than a year from Rock in Rio 2019, and with only 3 days of headliners announced, the public confirms its willingness and eagerness to live the Rock in Rio experience. In just a few hours, all the Cards were sold out on the official ticket sales channel - the website Ingresso.com.

 62% of the tickets were sold to the public from outside the State of Rio de Janeiro. In September and October, 2019, the Wonderful City (as it is known among Brazilians) will once again receive hundreds of thousands of tourists who are thirsty for living the whole experience of the City of Rock.

 “The sales success of the Rock in Rio Card reflects the success of this mega event, as well as the importance of its accomplishment for Rio de Janeiro. Rio is a city where we breathe entertainment, and the local residents (also known as Cariocas) know how to do it like no one else. This was here that Rock in Rio came to life. The Carioca soul inspired all this. We dream a lot and we are also a source of inspiration, both for the public and the artists, who are infected with how big it is to perform on one of our stages, for instance. At each edition, the public helps us build a new chapter of this golden dream. Once again, the tickets were sold out in the blink of an eye. This is amazing. It is wonderful to be able to bring happiness to people - especially in a time when we urge for new airs. Those who visit us will be impressed. We will grow bigger and work hard to always offer the best event of all time,” ensures Roberto Medina, President of Rock in Rio.


Haven't purchased your Card yet? Do not worry! In April, 2019, the official sales of tickets start, open to the public. Club clients shall be entitled to the official pre-sale.


For more information, please go to our Tickets page.


See you in 2019, in the biggest and best Rock in Rio of all time!