In this 8th edition of the festival we had 4 days of festivities, 57 hours of party, and a total of 260 musical and entertainment performances.


The content generated by TV and digital vehicles reached 5.8 million people in Portugal. During the 4 days of the festival, Rock in Rio’s social networks had 2,256 publications (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), generating about 30 million hits. On Twitter, for example, the event showed up 21 times on Portugal's Trending Topics, while Rock in Rio Lisbon’s official website of got 1.2 million unique visitors.


In a survey conducted by Marktest with 405 partygoers, 95% of the people interviewed rated the edition as "Very Satisfied" with the event, while 70% said they intend to be present in the next edition. The "Atmosphere/Conviviality", the "Poster" and the "Activities" were the most outstanding topics brought up by the public.


In this edition, the online broadcast had more than 56 hours live and eight different streaming signals that showed those outside the gates of the City of Rock everything that taking place: the concerts at Main Stage, the dazzling performances at the Super Bock Digital Stage, several entertainment venues such as the Music Valley's Somerby Pool Parties, the animations at EDP Rock Street and the overall superb ambiance of the Bela Vista Park.


"The outcome of this year’s edition could not be more positive. Betting on new industries proved to be a success, like the Super Bock Digital Stage, the Worten Game Ring and the Time Out Market Rock in receiving the highest praises. The Music Valley was also an authentic phenomenon gathering crowds of people from early on into the event. We are very proud of the event’s overall quality delivered to the public and there is no doubt about Rock in Rio’s power of engagement and communication force. Besides being the biggest musical and entertainment event in the world, Rock in Rio is a platform capable of generating a huge impact on the communications market, reaching millions of people," said Roberta Medina, Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio.


The Rock in Rio Lisbon app developed by Vodafone also found a great acceptance from the public, registering more than twice the downloads and users in comparison to previous editions of the festival.


Check out the video with some of the festival’s remarkable moments that we already miss!

The 8th edition of Rock in Rio-Lisbon in numbers

57 hours of music

264 performances

18,999 people rode the Ferris Wheel (of which 7,906 were booked by the Vodafone Smart Check-in app)

3,611 people walked on the slide (of which 1,459 were booked by the Vodafone Smart Check-in app)

7 cell charging structures, equivalent to about 750 recharging outlets