After a whole day of Rock in Rio, shows of all kinds and lots of delicious food at Gourmet Square, we have to clean the new City of Rock to start all over again the next day, right?

In partnership with Comlurb, the waste management of Rock in Rio will be done through collection and treatment methods to extract the maximum of waste, spending the minimum energy, respecting the values of Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability.

The garbage collected will be separated between recyclable and non-recyclable/organic. What is recyclable will be destined to cooperatives of collectors and what is organic matter (food remains, for example) will be destined to a biomethanization plant recently built by COMLURB with funding from BNDES, where, by the anaerobic decomposition of waste, biogas and organic compound are produced. The materials that are not usable will be sent to a thermal treatment for power generation at Usina Verde, the only power generation plant in operation in Brazil from household waste, installed at Fundão's Technology Park, at the Polo BioRio.

This way we’ll have for the first time in Brazil a system of solid waste final disposal fully inserted in the concept of Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability. This means that we are going to make the most of what would be discarded, either in materials that will replace non-renewable raw materials or in the generation of energy and production of organic compost, which is an important input for agriculture.

We count on all of you to make the correct disposal of your trash during #ROCKINRIO2017!

Together #PorUmMundoMelhor