Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions



If you purchase or carry the ticket or the Rock in Rio Card, it means that you have agreed to the following terms and conditions.


1 – In the 2017 edition, both the ticket and the Rock in Rio Card will be replaced by a RFID/NFC wristband that allows data transmission between radio frequency mobile devices (Learn more about it in the FAQ here). Therefore, there won’t be paper ticket or magnetic card. Under no circumstances you will be granted access to the City of Rock without a wristband, with a broken, torn or somehow violated wristband in any other way.

1.1 - The wristband is only valid for one day and it will work the same way as the old ticket, but in a more modern and safe way. The wristbands are different for each of the festival days and have a special technology for the electronic validation at the access control. They will also enable you to take part in several actions in the City of Rock and, perhaps, product shopping. It is faster, safer and more practical, and after you registration, it becomes personal and nontransferable. More details will be disclosed in due course

1.2 – Attention: The wristband should only be used on the day of the festival before entering the City of Rock as the wristband latch is inviolable and it won’t be possible to remove it without damage it and it’s not possible to replace it. The wristband should be kept on your wrist during you permanence at the City of Rock and you can only take it off after you leave. The participant who is found without a wristband at the Event area will be asked to leave.

1.3 – The ticket (wristband) is only valid for the place and for the day informed as it is stored electronically in its chip and it cannot be returned nor changed. The Rock in Rio Card (wristband) is only valid for the day and site chosen at www.rockinrio.com.br, based on term 3 infra and once this choice is made, it’s not possible for the date to be changed.

2 – The ticket and Rock in Rio Card sale will be done exclusively on the Internet by the www.rockinrio.com.br and/or www.ingresso.com websites and it is limited to four tickets per day per CPF (individual taxpayer number) and one of this four tickets may be a half price ticket, but a proof for the right to buy it will asked.

3 – The Rock in Rio Card is valid for only one access on the day you’ve chosen and you will receive your wristband after choosing the day. The choosing of the date will be done on the websites www.rockinrio.com.br and/or www.ingresso.com, between February 6 to April 5, 2017. After this date, the right to chose will be conditioned to the vacancy availability at the festival area according to the capacity determined by the authorities. The date defined above can only be changed by the event’s organization criteria up to sixty (60) days before the beginning of the festival. Possible available positions for the days of the event after the informed date above might happen due to cancelling and non-approved orders. The deadline reopening will not enable to change the day previously chosen.

4 – Considering consumers safety, objects considered dangerous won’t be allowed such as:

(a) bottles of any kind, size or material (e.g.. spring water bottles, squeezes and so on) , except for plastic bottles for water consumption, as long as they have no cap. The cap can be removed by the security agent at the entrance or anywhere at the event (see item 7 about water fountains);

(b) hard packaging with a lid (e.g..: plastic containers such as Tupperware);

(c) tin cans;

(d) helmets;

(e) firearms or knives of any sort (knives, penknives, and so on);

(f) chairs/stools;

(g) umbrellas;

(h) pointed objects;

(i) piercing or cutting objects (scissors, box cutters, tweezers, nail clippers);

(j) fireworks, explosive devices, flares and incendiary devices of any sort;

(l) glass, plastic or metal objects (perfumes, cosmetics, including deodorants of any sort, tooth brush or paste) ;

(m) beverages (in any kind of recipient);

(n) skate, bicycle or any kind of motor vehicle or not;

(o) Styrofoam coolers or any storage container.

(p) selfie stick (monopod)

(q) items that might be used for ambush marketing

(r) poisonous and/or toxic substances, including illegal drugs.

(s) flags or posters bringing messages or symbols containing commercial advertising symbols or messages.

5 – Access won’t be allowed to foods that represent commercialization intent or that can represent safety risks. A limit of five (5) items per person will be allowed. Preference will be given to (a) sealed industrialized food (e.g..: cookies, toasts, cereal and so on); (b) chopped fruits kept in a transparent and soft package, such as Zip Locks; and (c) sandwiches kept in a transparent and soft package, such as Zip Locks. Any amount that exceeds this limit may be discarded at the event entrance.

6 – Those with tickets or Rock in Rio Card (wristband) must be submitted to inspections, frisks and object removal at the entrance of the City of Rock.

7 – The organization informs that there will be water fountains with drinkable water available for the public at the City of Rock.

8 – It won’t be allowed the entry or permanence at the City of Rock of anyone that shows violent, aggressive behavior, that it is contrary to the public order or that refuses to throw off non-authorized or non-allowed objects.

9 – Animals entry will not be allowed at the City of Rock, except for guide dogs duly identified that are serving the visually impaired.

10 – Smoking is not allowed in any space total or partially closed at the City of Rock according to the state Act 5,517 from August 17 2009 and the Federal Act 9,249 from July 15 1996 altered by the Federal Act 12.546/2011 from December 14, 2011. The person will be fined and asked to leave the event area.

11 – It is totally forbidden recordings or broadcastings in audio or video of total or part of the festival by any means as well as the use of professional photo cameras (interchangeable lens) or professional video equipment.

12 – The person who enters the City of Rock with the ticket or the Rock in Rio Card (wristband) declares that he/she accepts that his/her image and audio may be captured during the event, releasing for free and definitely all his image and audio rights for any means.

13 – As a security measure, there will be cameras recording the public actions, as well as security agents spread throughout the park.

14 – The City of Rock will provide a limited amount of lockers. Details will be disclosed in due course Whoever does not use the service will be responsible for his/her own belongings.

15 – The half price ticket may be granted to:

(a) over 60 years old (Federal Act 10.741/03);

(b) students enrolled in basic, fundamental or high schools (including professional, technical and technological education) and college (including post-graduation, specialization, refresher and extension courses) according to the title V in the Act 9.394/96 (National Education Guidelines and Basis) form public and private schools (State Act 2.519/96 and alterations), according to the Act 12.852/2013 (Youth Statute - art. 23), Act 12.933/2013 (Half Price Entry), regulated by the decree 8.537/2015 (Article 3). Art. 1 of the Act 12.933/2013: “It’s secured to students the access to movie theaters, cinema clubs, theaters, musical and circus concerts as well as educational, sports, leisure an entertainment events anywhere in Brazil, promoted by any organization and performed at any public or private establishment, by means of the payment of half the price of the ticket charged by the general audience.”

Students who wish to use the benefit should present their student ID card, a document that proves their student condition who is regularly enrolled in the levels and modalities foreseen in the supra “b” item according to the national standardized single model with digital certificate that must contain full name, date of birth, recent photo, name of the teaching institutions, school grade and validity date up to March 31 of the following year of its date of issue. The Student ID Card may be issued by the ANPG - National Post-Graduates Association, UNE - Students National Union, UBES, High School Students National Union, as well as state and municipal organizations, University and High school students associations (Section I of the decree 8.537/2015). See the preliminary injunction at ADI 5108 (STF). Payment slips or school monthly payments won’t be accepted;

(a) under 21 years old (State Act 3.364/00);

(d) people with disabilitires and their companions (the latter, if necessary) by means of presenting documents that prove such condition  – State Act 4.240/03, Act 12.933/2013 (art. 1. par. 8), Act 13.146/2015 (art. 42, 44 and 92) and Decree 8.537/2015 (art 6), as well as an official valid document with photo: Social Assistance Benefit card of the disabled person; or (ii) document issued by the INSS that states the retirement according to the criteria of the complementary Act 142/2013. For the companion, a declaration that states the need for a companion (see model here). It’s only allowed one companion paying half price ticket per person with disability.

(e) teachers and professionals of Rio de Janeiro municipal public schools (Municipal Act 3.424/02 and 5.844/15.

(f) young boys and girls from 15 to 29 years old from low income families - as long as they’ve registered at the CadÚnico, the Federal Government social program database - whose monthly income is up to two (2) minimum wages, by means of the presentation, when purchasing the ticket or when entering the event, of the Youth ID card as well as presenting an ID card with photo issued by a public organ department and valid in the whole of Brazil (Act 12.933/2013, art. 1, par. 9; 12.852/2013, art 23 and Decree 8.537/2015, art 5).

15.1 - The conditions to use the benefit of the half price ticket should be present when purchasing it and at the entry in the event area, under the penalty of cancelling the purchase (see item 16 for people with disabilities). In this case, the beneficiary could complement the ticket or Rock in Rio Card price in its total value or have the previously paid returned on a date and way defined by the organization, with the discount, if it is the case, of the delivery cost.

16 – It’s strictly required to present the identification document that proves the half price ticket benefit when purchasing, retrieving the ticket and the entry of the event, under the penalty of cancelling the purchasing, with the exception of the hypothesis of the people with disabilities, in which they should present it only when entering the event, based on the State Act 6.804/2014. The organization reserves the right, at its own criteria, not to demand the document presentation proving the half price ticket benefit at the time of the online purchase, but it can demand it at when the ticket is picked up or at the event entry. The half price ticket beneficiary is aware that he/she will be asked to show his/her document when purchasing the ticket or the Rock in Rio Card by the organization, by ingresso.com and/or by the law enforcement authorities at any moment inside or around the City of Rock. According to the Act 6.035/11, the organization alerts that IT IS A FELONY TO ISSUE OR USE A FAKE STUDENT’S ID CARD.

17 – The entrance of children under the age of 16 is allowed if they are being accompanied by their parents or legal responsible (ancestor or collateral up to four grades), who shall deliver the companion’s responsibility form available at the link “informações sobre menores” (Information about minors) that will be at Rock in Rio 2017’s purchasing website or register him/her at the Information Stand and remain in the festival area while the minor is present. This, as well as the age classification is subject to change by the permit issued by the Children, Youth and Elderly's Rights Court.

18 – It is totally forbidden to sell, offer, provide, serve, give and allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages to those under Eighteen (18) years old, even for free. The offender will answer for this CRIME with a sentence of 2 to 4 years and a fine (art. 81 and 243, Act 8.069/90 drawing the Act 13.106/2015).

19 – By the orientation of the Public Ministry’s Office, we inform parents and the responsible that it is not recommended the permanence after 10 P.M. of children under the age o FIVE (5) years old, even if they’re accompanied. Non-compliance is subject to inspection by the qualified authorities.

20 – Everyone who attends the City of Rock, including those under 18 years old, should carry an ID car with photo that can be requested at any moment by agents of the organization and/or by law enforcement authorities present to prove their ages and their legal responsible.

21 – The organizers reserve the right to alter, at any time with no previous warning or any other condition, the programming, and pre-established times as well as the concert dates that should be disclosed, specially by acts of force majeure or fortuitous case.

22 – If the date of any of the concerts is postponed for any reason, the ticket or the Rock in Rio Card (wristband) will be valid for a later date to be defined. If the festival is cancelled, the amount of the ticket or Rock in Rio Card valid for this date will be reimbursed, except the situation in the following item.

23 – There will be no reimbursement of the ticket or Rock in Rio Card value if there is a delay, postponement and/or replacement of the line up and the City of Rock activities, resulting from a extraordinary or unpredictable nature alien to the organizers will.

25 – It is forbidden to resell the ticket or the Rock in Rio Card as well its use for promotional or institutional purposes without the expressed and written consent from the festival promoters.

26 – The festival organization is not responsible for tickets acquired outside the official sales channels.

27 – The ticket or Rock in Rio Card (wristband) allows access to areas exclusively authorized at the City of Rock. Its use in unauthorized areas or in an irregular way will imply in immediately taking the person to law enforcement agents and to the judge present on the site.

28 – Only those who accept the conditions in the specific regulation will have access to the toys, and in the case of the zip-line, they will also have to fill in and sign the accountability form and show their ID card with photo. The access to the toys will be forbidden to those who do not accept or do not meet the requirements of their use conditions.

29 – The person carrying the ticket or Rock in Rio Card (wristband) will lose its rights if he/she leaves the festival area and will not be able to return unless he/she has another ticket (wristband).

30 – Those with tickets or Rock in Rio Card (wristband) whose actions are contrary to the present conditions may have their entry refused to the City of Rock or may be conducted to law enforcement agents or the judge on duty present on site, and their tickets or Rock in Rio Card (wristband) may be cancelled without the right to reimbursement, without any loss to occasional damages that may have been caused.

31 – The occasional declaration of nullity or inefficacy or the non applicability by the competent court of any of the clauses contained in the present term does not invalidates the incidence of the remaining norms.

32 - Information for People with Disabilities and with Reduced Mobility:

32.1 – Transportation:

To facilitate the entry of people with disabilities and reduced mobility, transportation will be available for them from the Rock in Rio BRT terminal until the exclusive turnstiles for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.


32.2 – Entry:

The entry for people with disabilities or reduced mobility, including pregnant women, people with crutches, among others will be made through a different turnstile so that they may have more comfort and safety. At the entrance, people with disabilities and one (1) companion will receive an id wristband by a member of the Support Staff so that they can have access to the conditioned mobility area and to be quickly identified by anyone from the staff in case they need any special support or attention to solve any kind of problem that they may have in the festival.


32.3 – Restrooms:

There will be a platform at the main stages so that people with disabilities and reduced mobility may watch the concerts. Besides, these platforms are close to restrooms and medical posts so that it is easier to move and access the whole area of the City of Rock.


32.4 – Ramps:

The City of Rock will be adapted to receive people with disabilities and reduced mobility. All stores and stands have access ramps whose inclinations were built according to the calculations foreseen and needed at the entrance.


33 – Those who carry the ticket or the Rock in Rio Card (wristband) are responsible for checking the updated version of the Terms and Conditions on the festival website (http://www.rockinrio.com.br) and any allegations of unawareness of any changes made by the organizers will not be accepted.

34 – Those who carry the ticket or the Rock in Rio Card (wristband) declare explicitly that he/she has read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions and that he/she is totally aware of the rights and obligations that they have.