Linkin Park's legacy cannot end. The first band by Chester Bennington (former vocalist of Linkin Park) has recently gone back to the studio to record old hits. None other than Chester's own son, Jamie Bennington, has presented himself to perform the vocals. It seems that Jamie's voice is very similar to his father's, according to reports of Gray Daze's members. Learn more in here.

Imagine if someone stole your cell phone and you found it 27 years later, with all your memories? It was more or less what happened to Smashing Pumpkins' vocalist, Billy Corgan, but the object found was even more precious to him. The guitar, for which Billy offered a US$ 20,000 reward, was found in the basement of a house, 27 years after it was stolen from the backstage of the band. Learn more about this amazing story.

Rap has always been a fiery musical style used for political and social discourses - both in Brazil and around the world. Now it is time to listen to and get to know the story of "Edek," the rap composed by a Holocaust survivor, which addresses directly this topic. Learn more in here.