Announcing the First Names of Rock in Rio Las Vegas and Brazil!

26.09.2014 4 YEARS AGO

Announcing the First Names of Rock in Rio Las Vegas and Brazil!

Six icons to rock the stages at the next two editions of the festival


Ready… set… GO! We’re staring to reveal the line-ups for Rock in Rio Las Vegas and Rock in Rio Brazil. The first five names announced during an official event in New York City’s Times Square on September 26th symbolize the musical diversity of the festival. The list ranges from R&B to heavy metal, with names known for their spectacular performances. OK, we won’t keep you any longer, we know you want to know; here’s the beginning of the list:

This is one of the greatest names in the world of heavy metal and needs no introduction. The band knows Rock in Rio quite well; in fact, they’ve played at the festival six times already. We can be sure that what they will bring to the stage for a seventh time will be their very best, as we’re counting on another historic show.

Linkin Park
A result of the blend between rock and rap, Linkin Park is an old acquaintance. The guys already set the City of Rock on fire in 2008, 2012 and 2014, when they performed at Rock in Rio Lisbon. The Hunting Party, released this year, is proof of this force.

John Legend:
Singer, composer, musician and producer who’s reached tremendous success, John Legend’s strong suit is R&B with heavy soul influences, plus a little hip-hop too. Love in The Future, his most recent album, exemplifies his talent for beautiful melodies. And it will be even prettier onstage.

No Doubt:
Ska, rock, pop, punk and even traces of hip-hop can be found in the irresistible and inimitable sound of No Doubt. With the endlessly charismatic Gwen Stefani running the show, the band is known for their outstanding stage performances.

Taylor Swift:
Perfectly combining country and pop music in her sound, Taylor Swift launches her new album “1989” in October. Don’t miss the chance to listen to songs from her fifth album LIVE at Rock in Rio USA. It will be an awesome party.

The Deftones are making their grand return to Rock in Rio with their unique rock and roll sound. We’re still thinking about the time they played Brazil in 2001 and can’t wait to see them once more at Rock in Rio USA.