Class is in Session at Rock in Rio

16.06.2015 4 YEARS AGO

Class is in Session at Rock in Rio

Festival Receives 20 MBA graduates in Music Business


Everyone can tell that Rock in Rio is an amazing party for music fans (as our Vegas audience can attest), but one thing you might not know is how our festival has transformed into an attractive space for brands.

This is a connection that has been with the festival since its 1985 debut, where we helped launch a new beer in the Brazilian market. This was extremely innovative for a festival brand to do at the time, and coming up with exciting ways to have sponsors reach explosive results has been part of Rock in Rio’s DNA ever since then.

We believe in passing along an education, so we brought 20 MBA graduates in Music Business from Belmont University to Brazil to learn from Rock in Rio. The lecture was part of our outreach program for international education, which also included students travelling from other companies in the area. During the chat, students learned technical details of putting on the festival and sponsors told their stories of working with Rock in Rio.

This is the third consecutive year that Rock in Rio received a group from the University.