“ABOUT TO REACH 30 YEARS, WE BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE TO OWN NOT ONLY OUR RESPONSIBILITY BUT A COLLECTIVE COMMITMENT AS CITIZENS AND PROFESSIONALS, IN EVERY ACTIVITY OF OUR DAY- TO-DAY LIFE, SEEKING AND BUILDING A MORE SUSTAINABLE WORLD.”Roberta MedinaVice – PresidentVision of Sustainability ManagementOur vision is to be more than the largest music and entertainment event in the world, it is also about using the power of the brand Rock in Rio as a driving force to achieve our commitment to support the construction of a better world.Over twelve editions, Rock in Rio mobilized an audience of over six million people attending over 1,000 attractions. There were more than 979 hours of music, with transmission to more than one billion viewers in 200 countries, generating 123,000 direct and indirect jobs in the sum of editions and more than U.S. $ 16.5 million dollars were allocated to environmental causes.After the launch of the Sustainability Plan, a commitment was made to fully understand the impact and identify ways to minimize the negative and maximize the positive social, economic and environmental legacies of the event.See our Sustainability Plan here