Assuming the ultimate commitment of reducing the carbon footprint, Rock in Rio created a database with most used materials within the Rock City, making these materials available to any organization wishing to collect them at the end of the event.

If you would like to apply for the collection of these free supplies you must register your organization, indicating the materials you want. In May you will be contacted by our organization to make the collection.

Warning: The available values may vary slightly, and the final condition of the materials will always depend on the usage during the event.

List of materials available:
- Carpeting
- Linoleum
- Turf
- Fabrics various
- Diverse wood painted or unpainted
- White lycra
- Tarpaulins

To order send an email to with the following data:
- Name of the institution
- Contact
- Mobile phone
- E-mail
- Material you require
- Intended purpose

You will receive an email with the date and all the procedures for collection.