How to Enjoy Every Minute of Rock in Rio USA

29.04.2015 4 YEARS AGO

How to Enjoy Every Minute of Rock in Rio USA

Make sure you’re ready for a smooth experience in the City of Rock


Rock in Rio USA is nearly here, so it’s time to make your final preparations to enjoy all that the City of Rock has to offer. To help you get in festival mode, we’ve outlined a basic checklist below to guide you through the City of Rock without a hitch.

* Register your wristband
Your wristband is your ticket. With it, you can enter the City of Rock. But your wristband is also the only payment method accepted to buy food, drinks, and other items inside the festival. Avoid the lines and save time by registering your wristband BEFORE arriving at the festival gates.

* Buy Rock Cash
Once your wristband is registered, purchase Rock Cash online by using your credit or debit card online. Rock Cash is the only valid currency in the City of Rock. If you happen to run out of Rock Cash, no worries. Top-Up Stations will be present at the City of Rock.

Rock in Rio USA is 100% cashless. Only Rock Cash will be accepted.

* Prepare what to bring
Sunglasses, sunscreen and comfortable clothes are necessities at Rock In Rio USA, where we’ll be providing nearly 10 hours of entertainment at the City of Rock. However, there are some forbidden items such as professional film equipment, selfie sticks, coolers, lawn chairs, and more. Click here to verify the items you can and cannot bring into the festival. Or click here to avoid any issues at festival gates by studying our FAQ.

Rock in Rio USA will take place on May 8 & 9 (Rock Weekend) and May 15 & 16 (Pop Weekend). Are you ready to rock?