It’s True: John Legend Is Coming to Rock in Rio

06.10.2014 5 YEARS AGO

It’s True: John Legend Is Coming to Rock in Rio

Five reasons not to miss his show

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It’s been confirmed. John Legend is set to play at Rock in Rio in 2015. First, he’s performing at the opening of the biggest music and entertainment festival in the US (Las Vegas, in May). Later in the year, he’s going to Rio de Janeiro to perform at the 30th anniversary celebration of Rock in Rio. What’s so great is that both of his shows are scheduled for the Sunset Stage, the festival space that’s open to unexpected experiences and special musical collaborations. And since he’s especially known for matching his talents with others of his caliber, we can’t wait to see what this guy will get up to. There are lots of reasons not to miss shows like this. We made a short list of five.

1)      It’s hard to believe the multi-talented artist’s skills belong to just one career. He’s a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and actor. This is to say nothing of his ability to captivate the audience onstage.

2)      Legend is always in good company—he’s collaborated with so many A-listers it’s hard to keep up with them all. Naming just a handful makes the point clear: Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill.

3)      The Grammy Awards have already recognized his talent multiple times. To be precise, that’s nine golden gramophones over the course of just ten years.

4)      In 2010, Legend got together with hip-hop super group The Roots for a special project. They recorded amazing versions of little known, classic soul music tracks and released the album Wake Up. The result: total critical and commercial success.

5)      Love in The Future, Legend’s most recent album, is a mix of R&B and classic soul music, and it’s amazing. Audiences at Rock in Rio will be able to see and hear it all live.

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