Metallica Is Set To Play at Rock in Rio USA… Again!

08.10.2014 5 YEARS AGO

Metallica Is Set To Play at Rock in Rio USA… Again!

We want to remind you what it’s like when these guys are on our stage


At Rock in Rio Metallica are right at home. In other words, that means they feel comfortable enough to break everything. Metallica has already performed no fewer than six times on the main stage at the City of Rock and they’ve always left the audience wanting more. It’s no accident that they are returning next year, in May, for the launch of Rock in Rio in the USA.

The band that’s been a huge part of the festival’s history is one of the most influential in the world of rock. Not only have they been to Rock in Rio six times already, they have a success story that includes record-hitting album sales, Grammys, and MTV Music Awards. In 2009, they were also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Metallica has all the credentials and Rock in Rio knows this very well. Let’s take a look back at what’s happened in the past when this band and this festival meet up:

2004 – When Rock in Rio first hit Lisbon, Metallica also debuted at Rock in Rio. The band played on the fourth day of the event, a night dedicated to heavy metal featuring acts like Incubus, Slipknot and Sepultura.

2008 – They returned to the Portuguese Rock in Rio festival shortly before launching the album Death Magnetic. Onstage, they showed that despite the almost five-year interval without a new studio album, they were ready to rock.

2010 – Rock in Rio Madrid brought Metallica too. There, the band did what they do best: shredded and put on an amazing show that stayed in the memory of any rock fan who saw it.

2011 – The first time Metallica was at the Brazilian Rock in Rio festival, they put on a show that lasted longer than two hours. A fantastic chorus from the audience filled the City of Rock in Rio de Janeiro. And there was a bonus, too: for quite a long time, this show held the record for most visits on YouTube for live event streaming. The only event to beat it, ever, was the most recent royal wedding.

2012 – The year that Rock in Rio returned to Lisbon, so did Metallica—this time with a special show. They played their self-titled 1991 album, better known as the Black Album, in its entirety. No pressure on those guys to really live up to their legend, eh?

2013 – Metallica returned to the Brazilian Rock in Rio festival to catch up with those who saw the show in 2011. The set list included such classics as “…And Justice for All,” “One” and “Enter Sandman.”

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