More than a music festival

15.10.2014 4 YEARS AGO

More than a music festival

The Rock in Rio experience


Music pervades all corners of Rock in Rio. But a festival can go beyond its initial reason for existence, and that’s how we’ve developed the experience. The giant that was born in Brazil nearly 30 years ago is now not only filled with musical A-listers, it’s an entertainment destination and a social responsibility. It’s covering all the bases, and with a great soundtrack to boot.

Here are four ways we go beyond the music:

This is our planet!

In the very first (now historical) Rock in Rio, in 1985, the festival celebrated the power of music and the ways it influences the spirit of peace. But it was in 2001, in the third festival, that For a Better World was created. The project, conceived by the festival, took the will to change the world very seriously. With the intent to encourage reflection on the (positive) influence we can all create for the planet, 3,500 Brazilian radio and TV stations were silenced for a full three minutes. Since then, Rock in Rio opened space for debates and discussions about our future and sustainability, and still today has been supporting social and environmental causes.

Fly over the City of Rock

The Rock in Rio audience gets a big bang for their bucks, with a lot of attractions along with their artists. One of the more successful is the zip line. This big toy, which flies a lot of people over the City of Rock, lures concert-goers and artists alike. In 2011, Janelle Monáe ventured on the journey. Another time, Jared Leto came down singing while in the middle of the show with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. This flight was chosen by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the most iconic moments in music in 2013.

A thematic street

The City of Rock also has a special address. Rock Street is an area with shops, restaurants and shows—all following a theme. At the 2013 festival, for example, the atmosphere of the place was inspired by British culture. Rock Street is a place to gather with friends and family—or both, as weddings have even taken place there. Las Vegas will also have its own Rock Street, as well as many other surprises. More news soon to come, so stay tuned!

A place for everyone

Since its birth in 1985, diversity has a special place at the festival, either onstage or in the crowds. After all, it is a place for people who like electronic music, rock, blues, metal, hip-hop, R&B, local talent, and all kinds of combinations thereof. As a result, loads of festival fans of all possible stripes show up. Peers find peers, sharing the love for music in the City of Rock and singing along. That’s why we work so hard to deliver on the biggest expectations: Rock in Rio is your place for music and beyond.