Open Letter

A Festival with Heart and Soul

In 2015, after celebrating 30 years of international success, Rock in Rio takes another giant step, one that any brand serious about its longevity and reach eventually decides to take: coming to the American market.

Our event planners are already working hard from their base in New York. Here’s where everything is organized and strategized until May next year, when the City of Rock specially created in Las Vegas opens in public reception to the biggest music phenomenon of all time.

The Biggest Party for Exchange

With its first edition in January 1985, Rock in Rio invited everyone in Brazil to celebrate freedom. The festival was born right after over 20 years of military dictatorship, and the country’s youth were thirsty to express themselves and their creativity with pride.

Rock in Rio opened the door to a new era, showing off the world’s biggest names in the music industry, attracting more than one million attendees and reaching an audience of more than 100 million Brazilians by television and radio. Media covered the event in 30 different countries and, as a result, we received visitors from all over the world. At this time in history, rock concerts used to scare people because there was so much surrounding violence. But Rio de Janeiro lived ten magical days of absolute peace and music through this festival.

In the past 30 years, the festival has seen year-over-year growth in each Brazilian and overseas edition, conquering European public first in Portugal, later in Spain. And now it hits the US.

Bringing its historical strength, Rock in Rio surpasses a “huge rock music festival.” In three decades of success, it’s become the party for biggest exchange. The festival has learned how to connect complete strangers isolated by their own values and prejudices; how to connect people as an answer to the loneliness of a modern society that is increasingly closed off, scared, and competitive. We’ve learned how to communicate in order to leverage environmental and social justice; how to communicate as a source of work and pride for those who helped to make a dream come true for us all.

A Place Open to Everyone

Rock in Rio’s philosophy and guideline can be summarized in this triad: convergence, coexistence, and permanence.

The festival is open to all kinds of people. It isn’t a heavy metal project, but it includes heavy metal; it isn’t a pop music project, but it includes pop music. Same with local music, dance music, music on the cutting edge, and much more. Rock in Rio celebrates diversity and gathers different people in the same place. It offers what any individual could exactly want on some specific days, and attractions almost bigger than a stage can handle every day. It’s designed to spark allure for youth and families alike, as it’s created to include everyone, even kids.

Each edition, the festival incorporates new advances. But, of course, the original integrity remains untouched. This changeless spirit serves artists and attendees, environmental preservation on a scale global to municipal. We care about everyone.

Body and Soul

Since the beginning, Rock in Rio was planned as one of the biggest events to cater to the crowds—not only through philosophy and booking world-class talent, but also through excellent light and sound, engineering solutions, infrastructure, and accessibility. Festival organizations aren’t always concerned about logistics, traffic, convenience, and diversity so that attendees can enjoy the event for 12 hours without hassle or cultural fatigue, but we are.

Those who invest in this great event receive more than material reward. The partners involved find their brands elevated to a whole new level of public emotional interaction. In order to perfect these moments, the festival is organized so that these interactions have their own designated spaces to offer maximum comfort, security, and technology. A real City of Rock is built specially for the event in every city. It’s been this way in Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Madrid, and, now, in Las Vegas as well. Everywhere we go we find that Rock in Rio is known and respected by all.

But, most importantly, the festival’s visionary approach creates a joyful and enthusiastic glow inside every city we inhabit. This energy begins before the event opens and keeps going until after the last concert.

And the Show Must Continue

Even after the biggest of achievements, you must keep dreaming in order to recharge the vision. So, you may be asking, what does Rock in Rio dream for the future? We hope to become a global event in multiple continents and countries, held at regular time intervals, like the Olympics or the World Cup. Only we would install one fundamental difference: instead of promoting athletes and competition among countries, each new edition would be an opportunity to unite all people, together, under the flag of art.

Roberto Medina
Rock in Rio's Founder